Third Grade Music

It's Recorder Time!

Over the past few weeks, we have been playing the recorder in all third grade music classes. The recorder is a beginner wind instrument and is a good introduction to band instruments. Students have been showing progress on the instrument and many are looking forward to playing on a more regular basis.

The school has provided a recorder for each child and it is their responsibility to take care of it and have it for every music class. Please encourage your child to play with a musical tone and make sure they are playing with the left hand at the top of the recorder when playing at home.


Here are some tips for at home practice:

  • Practice should be fun. Try having mini-concerts a few times per week.

  • Recorders do not need a lot of air. Over blowing will cause a squeaky tone.

  • Leaks cause squeaks. Remind your musician to cover the holes.

  • Return the recorder to the backpack after every practice session. They will need the recorder for music class.

We will be using the online tool called Recorder Monster! The student password for March is "orange." Make sure it is a lowercase o. Recorder Monster!

It is very important that students have their recorder for every music class.
Recorder Music