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Dover Professional Development Master Plan


The purpose of the professional development master plan in the Dover School District is to increase educators' knowledge and expand their professional skills in order to improve the learning experiences of students by acknowledging their varied needs, both in their learning styles and development.Professional development is driven by data from student assessments, and helps educators meet the performance and improvement goals of the district and its schools.

This Master Plan outlines the means by which educators in the Dover School District will improve our professional capacity, while satisfying the New Hampshire requirements for recertification.

The plan provides for professional learning teams whose goals are based on the improvement goals of the school and district.We believe that high quality and effective professional development relies on the evaluation of data and other information concerning student learning.Educators are required to implement research-based educational practices in their teaching and apply knowledge of learning.Collaboration is expected in the establishment of goals, the activities used to meet these goals, and in both the informal and formal assessments of the success of reaching these goals.

Professional development in the Dover School District is based on a job-embedded cycle of inquiry that guides educators in developing goals, carrying out learning activities, collecting data, analyzing data, framing or re-framing key issues or questions, and working together to address these goals through collaborative efforts or field experiences.
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