Horne Street School Counselor's Office

Ms. Geary
Kaitlyn Geary M.Ed School Counseling
(603) 516-6759
Mrs. Dinwoodie
Chelsey Dinwoodie MSW
(603) 516-6720
Hello and welcome to the Horne Street School Counseling Department page!   We are available to support all the students at HSS. There are a lot of reasons a child might want to talk to a counselor and it's our mission to make sure everyone feels welcome. 
Students can fill out a "I want to see my school counselor" form located on our office doors, or we might see them on the request of a teacher or parent.  We see students individually, in small groups and in classroom lessons. 
You can always feel free to call or email with any questions you have and I will be updating this website with more resources for parents as the year goes on. 
Read the American School Counselor Association Mindsets & Behaviors for Student Success here
Up Coming Community Events 
Wentworth Douglas Hospital is excited to open registration for FREE upcoming Family Series Events.
Links to register are below:
May 13th - Five Top Tips to Tame Worry in your Family, with Lynn Lyons, LICSW

Upcoming Events still to be finalized include:
March 11th - Effects of Trauma on Early Childhood Development
April 8th - Teenagers... What's Typical and What's not?